Over 30 years of industrial project involvement

Gran-Lee has been heavily involved in many industrial projects since the early 1980’s, including Water Treatment Facilities, Water Pumps Stations, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Waste Water Pump Stations, Oil and Gas and Skid Packages.


Leader and provider of automated systems

Automation has been a passion for Gran-Lee since its inception. We have always had an intrigue for the best technology to help provide our customers with the latest innovations at a fair price. This gives our customer and their clients a great advantage to achieving their goals.


Experience with electrical controls and trouble shootings

Electrical controls and trouble shooting is something Gran-Lee has a great deal of experience in. Problem solving and implementing new electrical control products to save time and money is a common goal for the staff of Gran-Lee Electric.

Gran-Lee offers our clients the ingenuity and resources to have the job done at a fair rate and with our customers’ needs in mind. Our willingness to appeal to the needs of the individual as a consumer has enabled us to broaden our expertise in more than 30+ years of service in the electrical field. Our inclination to adapt to new trends, and work together as a cohesive unit, has also made us the company that we take pride in today.

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