Who We Are
Grant Wrathall Master Electrician

President / CEO / Owner
Grant has been the fearless leader and driving force of the company since its inception. He started the company in the early 80’s, which was a very difficult economic time for Alberta. He quickly learned the niche market of the industrial electrical industry. He has a vast experience in the electrical industry and is constantly contacted for his knowledge in many aspects. With his consistent commitment to his customers and employees, Grant is always known for his old school business attitude.

Lee Wrathall

Vice President / Owner
Lee is Grant’s partner in business and in life. They started this business venture soon after they married. Their commitment to each other in business and life has been paramount to the successes of Gran-Lee Electric. Lee has been integral to the success of the office work within Gran-Lee since the inauguration.

Blair Wrathall CET / Master Electrician

Project Manager
Grant and Lee’s only son has had a passion for the electrical industry since he was a young boy. Whether it was going to work with Dad on the weekend, or building science experiments with Grant. He has always had a knack to come up with a plan, and follow through with it. His education and immense experience, even though very young, has many fresh and new ideas to bring to the projects challenges. Problem solving is something that Blair has also excelled at, which has saved customers technically and financially many times. Technology is Blair’s passion and he has many creative ideas on how to implement it into a project to benefit the customer.

David Kaytor

Journeyman Electrician
David has currently worked with Gran-Lee Electric for 4 years and has been an integral part of its success. He carries a calm, thoughtful and positive attitude to the workplace and customer environment. David fetches fresh, new and imaginative ideas to help Gran-Lee attain its goals. He is skilled in many facets of the electrical industry and brings a pronounced work ethic to work every day.